Get rid of breakouts in 4 weeks, for good!

Get rid of breakouts in 4 weeks, for good!

Say Goodbye to breakouts in as little as 4 weeks!

There are three main internal causes of breakouts. Pay close attention to where they appear on your face as this will give you an indication of the internal trigger.

  • Hormonal Breakouts

These breakouts are likely to be caused by time of the month, pregnancy or changes in contraception/hormones.
These breakouts can sometimes show up as congestion and appear as little bumps under the skin or as big ‘blind’ pimples and mainly appear on your chin area.

  •  Stress Breakouts

Stress breakouts are common for those whose bodies are under some kind of stress or pressure. There are many reasons why, but it can be due to mental stress (most common), physical stress, or experienced by those who are ill or taking medication.
These breakouts can appear under your jawline and run all the way down your neck.

  •  Dietary Intolerances

Intolerances to gluten or lactose can play a big factor in skin breakouts. These breakouts will appear as small congestion or big ‘blind’ pimples most commonly on the cheek area.

Those that are intolerant to gluten may also find little red or skin coloured bumps on the backs of their upper arms which is known as keratosis pilaris




They can recommend different tests and medication to assist with acne management. 

In-clinic Treatments:

Microdermabrasion is amazing for breakouts! For those that have never had it done, it has a vacuum suction tube with an abrasive head on the end. A chemical peel after your microdermabrasion (ask for an ‘oil-soluble’ one), will help dissolve the excess oil build-up, reducing breakouts and inflammation.

Trial Kit for Oily/Combo/Breakouts:

If you are prone to breakouts, we recommend avoiding liquid foundations and choose a lightweight mineral powder instead. 

The kit also includes the essential products needed when treating your skin for breakouts all in a simple-to-follow skincare routine. They assist your skin by rebuilding it’s natural barrier and dissolving blackheads and breakouts.

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