How to reduce facial redness

4 years working as a skin therapist has shown me that facial redness is, without a doubt, the most common skin concern for Aussie women in their 20's. 

We don't need to concern ourselves with fine lines and anti-aging yet, but our skin is starting to lose vital moisture and perhaps show the signs of a little bit too much sun in our teens ☀
The good news is you are at the perfect age to treat facial redness with at-home products. Once the capillaries are broken (they look like tiny, squiggly veins) there is no reversing them (without resorting to laser removal). Treating your facial redness now will ensure you do not get permanent redness in the future. Sounds amazing, right?
You are going to see the word 'capillaries' popping up, so let's cover that first.
Capillaries: tiny, teeny veins that supply blood to your skin. 

What causes facial redness?
Heat: Your capillaries will naturally dilate when you are hot as the blood moves closer to the surface. This can be caused by exercise and the sun.
Rosacea: A medical skin condition that causes redness around the nose and cheek area
Irritation: Skin is easily irritated by external factors including skincare with harsh chemicals and strong active ingredients
Diet: Food intolerances can cause flare ups in your skin (especially lactose intolerances)
Dehydration: When your skin is dehydrated, your capillaries will be weaker and your skin can have a red haze

How can you get rid of facial redness?
It's all about soothing those capillaries! The most common cause of facial redness is skincare/makeup with harsh chemicals, so let's eliminate that ASAP. We know the cycle all too well of covering redness with makeup, but then the makeup makes it worse. Or trying to use 3 different serums to get rid of it and then sensitising your skin. 
Fortunately, your skin is constantly regenerating itself. So all you need to do is give it a little help. Using a gentle cleanser and exfoliant helps remove pollution, dirt and dead skin. This keeps your skin glowing and in good health. Using a soothing night moisturiser repairs and strengthens your skin, whilst adding vital hydration. Ingredients like Aloe Vera and Rosehip Oil are perfect for this (think 'Hydrate Me! Moisturiser' 😉). If your skin is irritated by sunscreen, don't avoid using it! Just find one that works with your skin. Mineral-based sunscreens (think 'Protect Me! Moisturiser' 😉) are generally much more gentle on your skin than chemical-based sunscreens. 

The entire Tribe Skincare range is designed around anti-inflammatory ingredients to dramatically reduce facial redness. Generally, you will see redness reduction in just 2 weeks using the 4 essential skincare products in the ‘Trial Kit’.


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