Tribe Skincare for sensitive skin Repair Me Facial Oil
Tribe Skincare for sensitive skin Repair Me Facial Oil

Repair Me! Facial Oil 30ml SOLD OUT - Returning September 3

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Natural, vegan, Australian and cruelty-free skincare to soothe and hydrate sensitive skin.

Does your dry skin get flakey or random dry patches? Let's fix that ASAP!

Dry skin lacks natural oil flow, so by adding natural oils topically, you will smooth the texture of your skin and even out your skin tone. 

This rich and nourishing blend of oils hydrates and strengthens your skin in just 2 weeks. 

Use me: Morning - apply a small amount onto clean skin (underneath 'Protect Me! SPF Moisturiser'). Night - apply an even layer all over your face after applying 'Hydrate Me! Moisturiser'.

INGREDIENTS: Rosa Barbadensis (Rosehip) Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil

Volume | 30ml

Customer Reviews

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Kate Sears

This has been so useful for my scars and treating sunburn when it gets to that dry flakey stage. I've noticed the recovery time is much less :) Smells nice and isn't too heavy on the skin. It absorbs well!

Simone Heathcote
My Lifesaver!

My dermatitis around my nose area has flared up recently leaving me with so much dry skin and redness. This product has definitely helped me reduce the appearance of everything. My skin is on the mend.

So good, my boyfriend stole mine

This oil is the best I have ever used! It absorbs into the skin so well and doesn’t feel slippery on the skin. My boyfriend, who you used to have to bribe to wash his face, now has stolen all my tribe range, all thanks to him loving this oil as much as me!

Ashleigh Rossiter
Dry skin be gone!

An absolute god send if you suffer from dry skin (especially those annoying flakey patches on your face!) I use this every morning under the day time moisturiser, it’s the perfect pair ❤️ My skin used to feel dry and tight all day during winter and since using this product (and the rest of these amazing products) I haven’t experienced that feeling at all! HIGHLY recommend.

Tytyana Ismail
Blessing in a bottle! Liquid gold.

The amount of time my skin flares up, goes red, scaly, flakey, itchy and makes me feel horrible is countless.

I spend weeks trying to nurse my skin back from a bad flare up and have used eveything under the sun.. no kidding- steroid, prescription and off the shelf.

But nothing has worked like this miracle oil.. over night I used this all over my face to soothe the redness and dryness and work up to normal skin... normal not dry, cracked red skin! I almost cried... after 1 week of continuous use, my skin glows! It never use too! I was always dry and dull from the eczema! Absolutely brilliant little bottle of liquid gold...



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