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Confidence in a bottle!

I’m a picker. I pick at my skin when there is something and even when there isn’t, and end up making something. I do it when stressed or anxious. It was an issue for me if people hugged me or rubbed my arms as i was self conscious they could feel the bumps on my skin. I’m not kidding, this moisturiser has gotten rid of bumps, pimples and in-growns. They can’t ever discontinue this because it’s a ride or die for me. I use it all over my body.

Karen Lin
Good for sensitive skin, Not sure about the keratosis pilaris benefits.

I have one and off mild keratosis pilaris and I can't say that this product improved it but it did not irritate my skin. The formula is quite thin and quick absorbing which is great for summer. The price is a little high for the benefits that I personally experienced.

It has a strong 'sweet raspberry' scent which I personally dislike hence prevented me from using it consistently.

However with consistent use this may help with keratosis pilaris.

Have finished the product but don't love it enough to repurchase.

Jessica kate

It smells and feels amazing!


I have ultra sensitive skin and always had trouble finding skin products that didn’t make me break out in rash’s or blisters!! Been using Tribe Skincare for a month now and I absolutely love it!! Feels light on my face, it’s doesn’t make my face feel tacky or like I’m wearing anything. Highly recommend these products!!

Amy Schmid
Amazing results

I've been using this for a week, and gotten better results than a different product I was using for months! My skin is less red and it also smells so beautiful.