The best skincare products for sensitive skin!

The best skincare products for sensitive skin!
We may be biased but being that our tagline is 'skincare for sensitive skin', Tribe Skincare has the best skincare products for sensitive skin. Made in Australia, Tribe Skincare uses the most gentle, yet effective, all natural ingredients to ensure you get maximum results. 

What is sensitive skin?✨

Sensitive skin is a common skin condition with symptoms such as facial redness, excess oil (your skin trying to ‘protect’ itself), breakouts, eczema, dry patches and discomfort (tightness, burning and itching) when exposed to certain triggers such as skincare products, weather changes, or environmental factors.

How do I know if I have sensitive skin?💕

Signs of sensitive skin can include facial redness, itching, burning, dryness, flakiness, and skin reactions to skincare products. If you experience any of these symptoms, you may have sensitive skin.

How can I treat sensitive skin?💙

Using natural anti-inflammatory ingredients including Aloe Vera, Zinc (which is also amazing for balancing oil and healing your skin), peach extract, kaolin clay and more, this skincare can quickly diffuse facial redness and balance out your skin, as well as help to relieve the symptoms of sensitive skin.
While the skincare contains powerful active ingredients, they are in their pure form and at levels tolerable for sensitive skin. These lower levels do not mean less results. With regular use, your skin will get exactly what it needs to be healthy and look amazing! Natural hydrators and strengthening oils such as Rosehip Oil repair your skin’s natural barrier resulting in your skin being a whole lot less sensitive and getting a healthy glow.

The entire Tribe Skincare range is formulated specifically for sensitive skin so you can be confident that each skincare product in the range will be super gentle and get your skin in it's best health. 

To get started with a Trial Kit for sensitive skin shop here.

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