Meet Tribe Skincare founder, Kayla Houlihan!

Meet Tribe Skincare founder, Kayla Houlihan!

Meet Tribe Skincare founder, Kayla Houlihan.

Tribe Skincare founder, Kayla, has always been obsessed with facials and learning everything that comes with it. With a passion for all natural products and a lifetime of super sensitive skin, Tribe Skincare really was the perfect 'brain child' for her. After running a successful skin clinic for many years and supporting all their clients with their skincare concerns through results-driven skincare, she created Tribe to fill a 'gap in the market' for skincare for sensitive skin that achieved salon-quality results at home. 

When asked where the inspiration for Tribe came from, Kayla says “The skincare industry has become so focused on ‘active’ skincare, which is great for some people's skin, but some of our clients with sensitive skin would have reactions to it. I was searching for a skincare brand for our clients to use that was suitable for their sensitive skin, but still achieve great results. That’s when I realised what I was looking for didn’t exist! If I wanted to help people with sensitive skin achieve amazing results with their skincare, I was going to have to create something truly unique.” 

Kayla had to start small, launching with just 4 essential products. But as word of mouth grew, so did demand, and Tribe Skincare soon grew into a multi-million dollar company with a full range of skincare all created for sensitive skin. The entire Tribe range is all-natural, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and Australian made.


So what is skincare for sensitive skin?

"The entire range is super gentle and helps reduce the symptoms of sensitive skin by hydrating, protecting, nourishing and repairing. We leave out any common allergens or irritants to minimise the chances of any reactions. By having gentle skincare bases that get your skin in amazing health, we can deliver active ingredients that help address skin concerns without them being too harsh on sensitive skin. It's a 360 approach where all of the ingredients work in harmony together to deliver healthy skin and results, without the common skincare ingredients that your skin doesn't need", Kayla explains.

So many people who experience skin sensitivity have such amazing results after using Tribe Skincare, and have commented that the Tribe Skincare range leaves their skin feeling refreshed and healthy, without causing more irritation. Packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients, the range can help reduce redness, breakouts, eczema and dry patches in just a few weeks of consistent use. 


Tribe's Best-sellers 

Gentle Balm Cleanser 

This was the very first product created by Kayla, and it’s a must-have for anyone who doesn’t know where to begin caring for their sensitive skin. She explains "A lot of skin sensitivity is caused from 'stripping' your skin with cleanser. This cleanser is super gentle with it's balm texture and is PH balanced, so it can remove dirt and makeup without leaving your skin with that 'tight' feeling".

Ultimate Hydrating Moisturiser

With a calming Aloe Vera base and active Hyaluronic Acid to deeply hydrate, this mid-weight moisturiser goes on silky smooth, with no thick, oily feeling and soaks into your skin.

Clearing Anti-Breakout Serum

"I am forever amazed by the incredible blackhead and breakout reduction results this serum achieves. FIlled with all natural goodness and actives to reduce excess oil and dissolve dead skin, this serum resurfaces your skin to get it clear and glowing in just 4 weeks".

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